Yugen – Wojtek Mazolewski

Wojciech Mazolewski – bass player, composer, author of music for audiobooks, theater performances and films, co-creator of Polish yass. With his Quintet, since 2011, he has been pushing the boundaries of musical interpretations and presenting listeners with a new way of perceiving jazz music and more. He is the author of non-obvious arrangements and an energetic combination of tradition and modernity, which inspires and captivates jazz enthusiasts (not only) – at home and abroad.

In his work, he experiments, arouses extreme emotions and proves that jazz music has the potential to destroy musical patterns. Jazz in the WMQ edition is listened to by everyone, from fans of intimate spaces at home, to enthusiasts of great concerts ending with a standing ovation.

The artist’s energy finds an outlet also in the Pink Freud formation, with which Wojciech has performed several hundred concerts in Poland and around the world. The band has performed in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Morocco, Belgium, France, Sweden, China, Romania, the Czech Republic, Russia and Hungary, among others.

The latest project entitled “Yugen” and its single “Manifesto” is a good wish in spite of today’s times. In this project, after many years, Wojciech reached for the first instrument with which he made friends when he was only a few years old – guitars.

The strength of Yūgen (幽 玄) ”is the authenticity and strength of truth emanating from sounds and words.

Yūgen consists of:

Wojtek Mazolewski – bass guitar, guitar

Krzysztof Kawałko – guitar

Joanna Duda – keyboards

Hubert Zemler – percussion instruments