V Lublin Jazz Festival / Martin Küchen’s Angles 9 (SWE/NOR)

Welcome to the V Lublin Jazz Festival.

The first day of the festival we celebrate with a group Martin Küchen’s Angles 9 !

Martin Küchen – alto saxophone, leader

Goran Kajfes– trumpet

Magnus Broo – trumpet

Eirik Hegdal – baritone + soprano saxophone

Mats Äleklint– trombone

Johan Berthling – bass

Alexander Zethson – piano

Mattias Ståhl – vibraphone

Kjell Nordeson/Andreas Werliin– drums

In 2007 Martin Küchen formed Angles 6, consisting of the Swedes Magnus Broo, Mats Äleklint, Mattias Ståhl, Johan Berthling and Kjell Nordeson. That same year they recorded the ensemble’s second concert ever, in Stockholm.

The ensuing CD “Every woman is a tree” was released in 2008 on the Portuguese Clean Feed label. Two more live CD’s followed: Epileptical West (live in Coimbra) in 2010 and By Way of Deception (live in Ljubljana) in 2012.

By this time, with the addition of Alexander Zethson and Eirik Hegdal and with Goran Kajfes replacing Magnus Broo, the band had grown into Angles 8.

For concerts in Stockholm and Hasselt, Belgium, in October 2012 Küchen asked both trumpet players Goran Kajfes and Magnus Broo to join the band, thus forming Angles 9, the ensemble in it’s present form.

Guy Peters wrote about the concert in Hasselt:

“This was no less then a triumph. An exciting party of exaltation and color, an emotional roller coaster, a punch in the stomach. You don’t get them often as complete as this. Angles is the band of the moment that cannot be beaten.”

Martin Küchen composes the music for Angles with the political state of the world in mind. Every Woman Is A Tree was dedicated to the women in Irak. In the liner notes Küchen talks about injustice, war and misery. The band has been compared to Charlie Haden’s Liberation Orchestra.

Küchen doesn’t write his compositions down. He sends short recordings and plays or sings the music for his band members during rehearsals. The musicians have to learn the music by heart, giving it their own twists and turns. The result is very lively, exciting and powerful.

06.12.2013 19:00
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, ul. Peowiaków 12 (Centre of Culture in Lublin)
whole day ticket - 35 pln / entrance possible on the basis of the ticket from another day of the festival / ticket for entire festival - 160 pln
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