7 Lublin Jazz Festival / The Apples (IL)

Saturday, 25th of April will be filled with a lot of energy and musical suprises at 7 Lublin Jazz Festival. Among the others it woulb be because of The Apples!

The Apples is an explosive mixture of  jazz, funk, hip hop, r’n’b, rythms of the Middle East and the melodies of European Jewish heritage on enhanced by dubbed-out effects- often within the same track- and have it all make sense.

At 7 Lublin Jazz Festival, they will perform in 8-person band:

Yonadav Halevy – Drums
Elad Muskatel – Double bass
Arthur Krasnobaev – Trumpet
Yaron Ouzana – Trombone
Yakir Sasson – Baritone saxophone
Marky Funk – Turntables
Erez Todres – Turntables
Uri “MixMonster” Wertheim – Sound effects

The Apples are a musical metropolis, evoking international urban landscapes, built on traditional foundations, breathing hectic traffic,
perpetually expanding, creatively progressing. They not only balance upon, they frantically run up and down the tightrope that
stretches between the composed and the impromptu. Between the planned frame of a piece and the blank canvas that gives the
players the space to reinterpret on the spot. The feeling that it could flow in any direction at any time and still keep a strong point of
reference for the beholder’s ears, feet, soul and booty.

The decks/horns/bass/drums/effects Nonet formed in 2002. Students at Jerusalem’s Rubin Academy of Music joined with Southern Tel
Aviv’s burgeoning underground scene and Haifa’s creative jazz/ethno mentality and together began exploring spontaneous, groovebased,
jazz flavored danceable improvised music.

The unconventional lineup unleashed stream-of-consciousness performances that combined heavy big band shouts with tight funk
sensibilities and the instinctive weaving of a dj set. A double bass provides a deep dark rumble snaking between heavy drum beats. The horn section at times tight and stabbing, at times
a warm blanket of sound. All centered around hip hop’s first original instrument- the turntable- whose vinyl sources cover any and all
of the aforementioned fields and much, much more, drawing on every corner of recorded audio history.

As interest in the band grew, jams became parties became events became international tours. Recorded documents were sought out,
so they began caging their live creations on records: The band’s Attention! LP and single (2006) led to London-based Freestyle
Records, through which in 2007 the band released their notorious version of Rage Against the Machine’s “…Killing in the Name“,
followed by the Buzzin’ About LP (2008), and The Power EP (2009). The Apple’s final effort for Freestyle was the intriguing Kings
LP (2010) which saw the band write music for and collaborate with two music Kings- funk legend Fred Wesley and world music guru
Shlomo Bar. A 7″ single representing both collaborations, In The Air/Batash(Alwoojdi) was also released.
The Apples’ next-step full length album- Fly On It- released June 2012 by Audio Montage records, preceded in
February by the 7″ Single Thang/Powder.
True-to-form packed full of horn stabs, cuts n scratches, oddball samples, electronic effects and heavy heavy grooves- Fly On It was
recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and finds the band closer than ever to capturing their signature explosive live sound on

25.04.2015 21:00
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, ul. Peowiaków 12 (Centre for Culture in Lublin)
1-day ticket for two concerts - 70 zł ticket with numbered seat / 50 zł ticket (standing)
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Ticket office opening hours
10.00-19.00 monday-friday / tel. 81 4666140 and 1 hour before the show