Lublin Jazz: Von Schultz / Vazquez / Wallace trio

Don’t miss the next concert of the Lublin Jazz series, in which we present the most interesting phenomena in contemporary jazz and improvised music at the Centre for Culture in Lublin!

Founded in April 2023 the trio of drummer Marcelo Von Schultz, bassist Pablo Vazquez, and pianist Eli Wallace instantly ignited Prez Jazz in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Immediately they discovered a symbiotic musical connection, deftly navigating between intricate rhythmic pockets, bombastic noisy layers, saccharine melodicism, and subtle spaces involving overtones produced on their respective instruments.

The group shifts from collective playing to allowing each individual to shine in soloistic passages. The trio highlights this non-hierarchical group dynamic by giving each player the space to instigate new musical ideas that the group latches onto and carries to new places. During this tour they will bring this kinetic group sound to every performance, displaying interconnectedness as an ensemble while simultaneously featuring each individual. Below are videos from their first performance and biographies
of each player.

Marcelo Von Schultz (Argentina, 1976) musician, drummer and educator. Coming from the jazz and creative music scene of the west of Buenos Aires (Derviche, Doña María, Antü). For several years he’s been dedicated to the exploration and development of improvised music and free jazz. He has recorded two albums with Catriel Nievas, Dùo (2014) and Tùneles (2016) both released by French label Adaptador Records, and Mokita (with Cecilia Quinteros, Christoph Gallio and Alex Elgier) edited by Portuguese label Creative Sources. Currently he’s working with Derviche (with Luciano Peralta and Leopoldo Janín), Motor (with Sofía Salvo and Gustavo Obligado),Haiti (with Cecilia Quinteros and Sergio Merce), and Hernán Samá (dúo), among many others. Also teaches Afro-Latin Percussion, belonging to the Drumset degree at Luján Art School José Ferrari (Prov. Of Buenos Aires).

Pablo Vazquez, double bass, electric bass and electronics. Buenos Aires, Argentina. He made concerts and tours in South America and Europe (Germany, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Hungary, Slovakia, etc) playing with Vasco Trilla, Eli Wallace, Diego Caicedo, El Pricto , Albert Cirera, Ricardo Tejero, Amanda Irarrazabal, Hui Chun Lin, John Hughes, Yedo Gibson, Luis Vicente, Gustavo Obligado, Miguel Mira, Jorge Torrecillas Ensemble, Ligia Liberatori, Marcelo Von Schultz and many others. His music was released by Discordian Records (Barcelona) and Creative Sources (Lisboa).

Eli Wallace is a pianist, improviser, and composer who resides in Brooklyn, NY, leading his own projects, collaborating with other like-minded artists, and co-curating the interdisciplinary performance series Invocation. His work as a pianist displays his vast milieu of experiences from classical, jazz, and free improvisation, incorporating elaborate piano preparations that John Lewis
(The Guardian) says is “…pushing the boundaries of the prepared piano.” His compositions employ notational strategies to broaden how musicians produce sound and the ways in which they interact. Over the past decade, he has appeared on dozens of albums and performed at esteemed venues such as The Stone, New York, NY, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY, Mizzou International Composers Festival, Columbia, MI, and Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL.

Marcelo Von Schultz – drums
Pablo Vazquez – double bass, electronics
Eli Wallace – piano
18.05.2024 20:00
Centre for Culture in Lublin
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normal - 50 zł
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