Lublin Jazz: Eskaubei & Tomek Nowak Quartet

Eskaubei & Tomek Nowak Quartet are back in town to present cross-sectional material from their 4 well-received albums, including the last vinyl gem “Tyrmand to Jazz” (Junoumi Records). The only regularly operating rap jazz band in Poland will perform on May 19 in Wirydarz in Lublin. Groove, sound, rhythm, amazing energy and words. A team mechanism developed through years of playing together and racial improvisations of outstanding instrumentalists. Tyrmand, jazz, hip-hop, interpersonal relations and respect for pioneers. You will find all this in the music of the Eskaubei & Tomek Nowak Quartet.

19.05.2023 20:00
Wirydarz Centrum Kultury w Lublinie / Peowiaków 12
Reduced ticket - 30 PLN
Normal ticket - 40 PLN
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