Atomic Simao (UA)

Atomic Simao is a marriage of space rock with acid jazz and psychedelia

Ukrainian group playing instrumental, psychedelic jazz was founded in Kiev in 2015. The band has already released four albums, two of which were on vinyl by the Greek label Cosmic Eye Records. During the festivals, the band supported the performances of legendary line-ups, such as Red Snapper (UK), The Herbaliser (UK), and Psychic TV (UK). Winner of the title for “Best Independent Band” according to
Atomic Simao’s songs were released on the same compilation alongside bands like CAN, Hawkind and Alice Cooper.
Their compositions and manner of playing immediately evoke positive associations with the achievements of the Cinematic Orchestra or Tortoise, and if you compare them to Polish artists, they are closest to the style of Contemporary Noise Sextet.

Atomic Simao is currently promoting the fourth album “Levitation Loom Four”

George Valchuk – drums
Ivan Volokita – bass guitar
Nick Shostov – saxophone; flute
Rustam Nur – guitar