9. Lublin Jazz Festival / Jazz in the City: Edi Nulz (AT)

Edi Nulz was founded in 2011, originally as Valentin Schuster’s band for his graduation concert at the University of Music and dramatic arts in Graz, Austria, after years of working as a duo with Julian Pajzs. This concert was so successful that the three musicians rented a studio in September 2011 to record their first album „Jetzt“ which was released by the Austrian label Sessionwork Records in February 2012. The following years the band was touring extensively in Europe. Venues included Ammertöne Festival Weilheim, Festival Jazzbrücke Vysocina, Porgy&Bess Jazz Club Vienna, Stockwerk Graz, Jazzwerkstatt Graz, Musikfest Waidhofen/Thaya. November 2013: Release of Edi Nulz’ second album „Ultrakarl“, also on Sessionwork Records. In late 2013 the trio started „Die letzten ihrer Art“ („Last Chance to See“), a special
crossover project with the famous Austrian actress Adele Neuhauser. This program includes texts by cult author Douglas Adams, recited by Neuhauser, as well as music and soundscapes by Edi Nulz. February 2016: Release of Edi Nulz’ third album „An der vulgären Kante“ on the Swiss label Unit Records. This album is the first one to feature compositions done by all three members collectively in the tradition of a jamming rock band. Also the sound changed to being more rough and old-school than on the previous CDs, achieved by an almost completely analog recording process. The classical „Jazz-Solo“ has almost disappeared completely on this record, the improvisational parts are collective rather than a single member soloing on top of the other two.

“Are these guys playing jazz counteracted by rock
elements, or is it the other way around? Aren’t we
rather listening to a rock band infiltrated by jazz?
Indeed the tractor this mini-orchestra is firing
up defies any purity requirements in jazz, indie,
rock’n’roll etc.

„Mangy Chamberpunkjazz“ – Andreas Felber, Ö1

Siegmar Brecher – bass clarinet
Julian Adam Pajzs – tenor & baritone guitar
Valentin Schuster – drums & pocket piano

The concert is co-financed by the Austrian Culture Forum in Warsaw

Siegmar Brecher – bass clarinet Born in Graz/Austria in 1978. Studied jazz saxophone with Karlheinz Miklin in Graz, with Dick Oatts in New York and with Klaus Dickbauer in Vienna, graduated in 2009. Other teachers and mentors include Charlie Mariano, Steve Wilson, George Garzone, Don Menza, Heinrich v. Kalnein, Gerald Preinfalk and Jürgen Maier. Freelance musician, composer, founder and member of numerous bands. Founder and musical director of the Fat Tuesday concert series (2005-2011) and of the festival Jazzwerkstatt Graz (since 2007). Concerts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Mexico, Kasachstan, China, Israel and Iran.

Julian Adam Pajzs – tenor & baritone guitar. Born in Weilheim/Germany in 1987. Guitar studies with (among others) Martin Scales, Conrad Schrenk, Guido Jezensky, Wolfgang Muthspiel, John Abercrombie, Peter Bernstein, Frank Möbus. Graduated from Kunstuniversität Graz/Austria in 2010 and with distinction from Hochschule für Musik Weimar/Germany in 2012. Residence: Berlin (since 2011). Freelance musician and composer with different bands like „PeroPero“, „Keine Übung“, etc… Lecturer at the NORDIC GROOVES Workshop/Austria since 2011 Several film and theatre scores, e.g. „Unter Strom“ (directed by Zoltan Paul)

Valentin Schuster – drums & pocket piano. Born in Lower Austria in 1986. Graduated with distinction from Kunstuniversität Graz (BA with Wolfgang Tozzi, 2010, MA with Howard Curtis, 2011). Residence: Berlin (since 2011). Co-founder, lecturer and artistic director of NORDIC GROOVES Workshop/Austria since 2011. Freelance musician and composer, member of several bands like „PeroPero“, „Tobias Meinhart 5tet“ etc. Concerts throughout Europe, Israel, China and Japan.

26.04.2017 20:00
Pub "u Szewca" / Grodzka 18
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