8 Lublin Jazz Festiwal / Chicago Underground Duo (USA)

Rob Mazurek (Exploding Star Orchestra, Starlicker, Pulsar Quartet, Rob Mazurek Octet) and Chad Taylor (Marc Ribot Trio, Side A, Digital Primitives) formed Chicago Underground Duo in 1997 as an organic offshoot of the larger Chicago Underground Collective. 2014 marks 17 years for Mazurek and Taylor playing together as the Chicago Underground Duo. Chad Taylor and Rob Mazurek are musicians of considerable talent and acclaim who have created a musical experience that is as challenging as it is rewarding. The two comprise the Chicago Underground Duo, and have performed together in several iterations: Chicago Underground Duo, Chicago Underground Trio, Chicago Underground Quartet, and Chicago Underground Orchestra. The duo has logged the most touring and releases of the Chicago Underground Collective touring extensively in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The group was once asked to describe their music. This is what they said: ” [The Duo is] an organic mixture of African, Electronic, Coloristic, Jazz influenced life supporting systematic, non-systematic feeling from two humans trying ever to expand outward and inward for the people and ourselves.”

Rob Mazurek – cornet, electronic, voice

Chad Taylor – drums, mbira, electronics

23.04.2016 22:00
Centre of Culture in Lublin/ Peowiaków 12 / Poziom -1 / Piwnice CK
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