8 Lublin Jazz Festival / (Premiere!) New Constellation feat. Michał Urbaniak

The name “New Constellation” fully reflects the essence of the project. Renowned musicians of the young generation took to the workshop legendary album of Michal Urbaniak “Constellation: In Concert.” It is an unique release, because of the whole composition presented there, outstanding instrumentalists (including two prominent Polish keyboarders Adam Makowicz and Wojciech Karolak) and sound. “Constellation: In Concert” is one of those albums, which can be said that aheads of its time. It’s still actual and timeliness. Young musicians all over the world, like Urbaniak once, combine the sound of acoustic instruments with electronics.

The premiere material called “New Constellation” inspired by this album will be prepared specially by selection of top young jazz musicians. The leaders of the project are: Adam Bałdych, about whom Allaboutjazz.com writes that “he gives his violin’s voice and emotional strength, which is not heard in decades” and Piotr Orzechowski, “a wonderful pianist, composer and musician (…)” – says Randy Brecker – (…) one of the best I have ever played with. ” In addition to the leaders will appear: Alan Wykpisz – bassist of extraordinary, profound articulation, Mateusz Sliwa – breath of fresh air in the approach to playing the tenor saxophone, a prominent and sensitive guitarist Marek Kądziela and Pawel Dobrowolski – drummer who played the best, and musician with perfect timeing and style. Each musician represents an unique character of the articulation of sound, but this does not prevent the creation of a new musical constellation. The special guest during the concert will be an award-winning, excellent arranger and composer, a prominent jazz violinist – Michał Urbaniak, who played with Miles Davis, Krzysztof Komeda and Andrzej Trzaskowski.

Michał Urbaniak – violin
Adam Bałdych – violin
Piotr Orzechowski – piano
Alan Wykpisz – bass
Paweł Dobrowolski – drums
Mateusz Śliwa – saxophone
Marek Kądziela – guitar

Special project “New Constellation ” is a production of 8. Lublin Jazz Festival .

17.04.2016 19:00
Centre for Culture in Lublin / Centrum Kultury w Lublinie / Peowiaków 12
50 zł regular / 40 zł reduced
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10.00-19.00 monday-friday / tel. 81 4666140 and 1 hour before the show