14. Lublin Jazz Festival |  Zvanai (PL)

A band that finds inspiration in the folk music of Eastern Europe, looking for trance sounds and forging them into its original musical language. During the Lublin Jazz Festival, they will play the premiere of the album “Eastplaining”, published by the Lublin Foundation for Research on Possibilities. The founder of the band, Kamil Szuszkiewicz, says: “The recordings for the album “Eastplaining” were in January 2020, with songs from the previous year and older. The album is out now. Many important changes have taken place during this time. In the world, with me, in the band, with you. Everywhere. A few years later, this album defends itself better than then. But also it is bit like looking at old photos. It’s really good that this record is coming out now. It’s easier to know where to go next when you have it as a souvenir.”

Olga Kozieł – trumpet, voice

Grzegorz Tarwid – synths

Milosz Berdzik – percussion

Kamil Szuszkiewicz – trumpet, compositins

14.07.2023 19:00
Wirydarz Centrum Kultury w Lublinie | Peowiaków 12
all-day ticket: 120 zł reduced / 150 zł normal (available only at the box office of Centre for Culture in Lublin)
Zvanai ticket: 30 zł reduced / 40 zł normal
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