14. Lublin Jazz Festival | TRANSatlantyk feat. Piotr Damasiewicz (PL)

TRANSatlantyk is a new band on the Polish music scene, referring in matter to rural, improvised music and trans ambient. The music can be boldly described as ethno-yass, referring to the Polish yass trend of the 1990s. A strong feature of TRANSatlantyk’s music is therefore a reference to tradition – both local, from the Lublin region, as well as the music of historical Polish territories (Vilnius, Grodno). The cymbals inherited from the musician’s grandfather, along with the repertoire, inspired the band’s musicians to create an original program based on the folk message, its energy and trance. In ambiguous terms, the music of TRANSatlantyk is the music of emigration, forced or conscious change of place, adaptation to new living conditions, finding oneself in a new musical reality and changing needs of music recipients. Bourgeois discos, rap, Bach counterpoint and jazz improvisation collide with the raw, trance and sometimes brutal sound of the countryside, also in a symbolic sense. It’s as if a village band got on board Gombrowicz’s Transatlantyk and landed in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. The meeting with Piotr Damasiewicz, a musical personality looking for new paths for country music, had to turn into playing together, which you can witness during the concert at the Lublin Jazz Festival.

Michał Żak – Vilnius dulcimer, soprano saxophone, clarinet, transverse flute, singing

Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet, harmonica, voice

Ula Czerniak – double bass, voice

Szymon Miśniak – drums

11.07.2023 20:00
Wirydarz Centrum Kultury w Lublinie | Peowiaków 12
free entrance