14. Lublin Jazz Festival | Superminimalism (PL)

A quintet of young, talented musicians from Poland, winners of the Grand Prix of the JAZZiNSPIRACJE competition at the 13th Lublin Jazz Festival, which resulted in the recording and release of the band’s first album. Superminimalism is an attempt to present an abstract technical thought about the complicated visual side of life. Enigmatic patterns presented in wild nature or industrial civilization struggling with an identity crisis are a creative inspiration to shape your own set of sounds and colors, sometimes with a strictly defined structure, and sometimes as free improvisation based on aleatoric modules. The band’s repertoire will include original songs from the debut album, as well as elements of impro.

Stefan Raczkowski – drums

Marcin Elszkowski – trumpet

Robert Wypasek – tenor saxophone

Jakub Łępa –  tenor saxophone

Michał Aftyka – double bass

13.07.2023 18:00
Wirydarz Centrum Kultury w Lublinie | Peowiaków 12
free entrance