14. Lublin Jazz Festival | 7:7 PROJECT (PL)

7:7 PROJECT is a unique duo consisting of Wiktoria Koziara on saxophones and Maciej Chyży on bass trombone. The young artists seek a balance between classical music, avant-garde and jazz, boldly blurring the boundaries between them. The duo will not only present their original arrangements, but also premiere works by young Polish composers.
As graduates of renowned music universities, they have thorough knowledge and experience that they use in the profession of musician on a daily basis. Their cooperation with various artists allows them to create works that are thoughtful and free from patterns at the same time. Original solutions, free, avant-garde improvisation and the search for new forms of expression make up an intellectual experiment undertaken by the musicians. The 7:7 PROJECT concert is not only a great opportunity to meet the latest music, but also to immerse yourself in the world of artistic reflections and discover the unknown.

Wiktoria Koziara – saxophone

Maciej Chyży – bass trombone

10.07.2023 20:00
Wirydarz Centrum Kultury w Lublinie | Peowiaków 12
free entrance