13. Lublin Jazz Festival | Moon Hoax (PL)

Moon Hoax is an explosive mix of experienced and established personalities on international stages in the ranks of such bands as: Robotobibok, Jazz Band Młynarski – Masecki, 100nka, Abradab, Kaliber 44 or Ziemia Planeta Ludzi. Moon Hoax’s music is a space where lyrical narrative is intertwined with elements of free jazz, and electronic sounds take us to a new dimension. There, the jazz tradition mingles with the wildness of post-rock, and everything is captured in organized, almost architectural sound structures. If you have been wondering what the combination of Soft Machine with the music of Komeda and the Medeska Martin & Wood trio could sound like, then you should listen to the Moon Hoax formation. The band was formed in 2013 when their debut album “Moon Hoax” was released. The name refers to the opinion that there was no moon landing, and that the photographic and video materials broadcast on television were prepared in a television studio. Its purpose is to provoke reflection on everything that is constant and commonly accepted as truth in our reality.

Michał Karbowski – guitar, compositions / Jędrzej Łaciak – bass / Przemysław Borowiecki – drums / Filip Owczarski – vibraphone / Klaudiusz Kłosek – trumpet / Jarosław Bothur – sax

16.07.2022 19:00
"Wirydarz" - Patio of Centre for Culture in Lublin | Peowiaków 12
all-day ticket: PLN 100 normal / PLN 80 reduced
Moon Hoax ticket: PLN 40 normal / PLN 30 reduced
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