11. Lublin Jazz Festival | Jazz In The City | Skerebotte Fatta (PL)

The Skerebotte Fatta duo is made up of saxophonist Jan Małkowski and drummer Dominik Mokrzewski. Their joint artistic struggles have already taken place for a long time. They played with each other in the Warsaw Eufemia on Impro Mitingach, and on their profile on the Soundcloud site for 4 years post recordings, including those with guest participation of other musicians, such as violinist Patryk Zakrocki. “Riders From The Ra” were registered in Laski near Warsaw on January 1, 2017, under the watchful eye of Michał Kupicz. The Portuguese Creative’s label became interested and released this great material.
The beginning surprises, because the title “Hey Bebop!” completely does not reflect the character of the work. Instead of referring to the bebop classics, Jan Małkowski and Dominik Mokrzewski strike with a wave of free jazz sounds with great force. It is loud and intense until it is full of emotions. In a similar vein, “Bordered” is maintained, which strikes with punk energy. However, the whole album is not in a homogeneous climate. The musicians also give the listeners numerous moments of calm, smuggle the raw outlines of the melody, add some shamanic rhythms to it, and focus on the unrestricted establishing of dialogues.

Jan Małkowski – sax, jew’s harp

Dominik Mokrzewski – drums

23.04.2019 19:00
Ładno Pracownia | Lubartowska 30A/21
free admission