11. Lublin Jazz Festival | Gnigler Sextett (AT)

Working in Vienna, Sextet, whose leader is Jakob Gnigler – currently the most interesting sax player in Austria. In his works he reaches for the jazz tradition, not omitting the output of the contemporary musical avant-garde and experiment. Solo and collective improvisations permeate, overlap, creating a musical monolith, known for example from the work of Willem Breuker Kollektief. Sextett uses a bebop phrase, and growling tones of saxophone and chamber sound. Exciting inserts of wind instruments and atonal collages put this music at a low rate. Styles and rhythms are constantly changing. There is a lot of temperament, expression and courage in all of this – the band’s music is expansive, but also free, played with conviction and pietism. Despite this intricate eclecticism, the band’s playing is embedded in the tradition of truly “hot” jazz.

Jakob Gnigler – tenor sax

Philipp Harnisch – alto sax

Thomas Berghammer – trumpet

Simon Frick – violin

Judith Ferstl – double bass

Niki Dolp – drums

27.04.2019 22:00
Festival Club - Underground of Centre for Culture in Lublin
20 zł
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