10. Lublin Jazz Festival / E.J. Strickland Quintet (US)

E.J. Strickland Quintet (US)

Fun. Stirring. Uplifting. Intriguing. Kinetic: There are so many moods and meanings enmeshed into E.J. Strickland’s music, his myriad influences and ideas crossing and branching out in every direction. He reminds us: “You’re not going to hear a traditional jazz drummer. You’re going to hear someone who’s drawing from many different styles, many different approaches. That’s what my true voice is.”

Enoch Jamal “E.J.” Strickland is the world-class, world-traveled drummer, composer, and bandleader you’ve heard on over 60 albums for over 10 years. The Miami native and twin brother of saxophonist Marcus Strickland is a pillar of the New York jazz scene, having lent his eclectic sound to albums by Ravi Coltrane, Russell Malone, and others.

Influenced by Latin, Afro-beat, hip-hop, and tribal music, he’s a multifaceted performer and composer, none so apparent as on In This Day, his debut album. Featuring the E.J. Strickland Quintet, the album is deepened in tone and texture by its guest appearances: from its traditional horn players, to the unique choices of harpist, hand percussionists, and spoken word poe

E.J. Strickland – drums
Godwin Louis – sax alto
Jure Pukl – tenor & soprano saxes
Taber Gable – piano
Josh Ginsburg – bass


20.04.2018 21:00
Festival Club / Underground of the Centre for Culture in Lublin / Peowiaków 12
40 zł / numbered seats
Ticket office opening hours
10:00-19:00 from monday to friday and 1 hour before the show / tel: 81 4666140 / mail: kasa@ck.lublin.pl