Photo exhibition of 9. Lublin Jazz Festival

Documentation of 9. Lublin Jazz Festival prepare students of first and second year of specialty “Artistic photography” at Lublin School of Art and Design ( School for many years specializes in artistic education of photographers and designers. Listeners of “artistic photography” specialty took up the challenge to make reportage from all events, in order to capture the atmosphere prevailing in the Centre for Culture during the fest of jazz. Photographers capture the expression of major events and situations around the Festival, such as soundchecks, musicians talk, night jam session or ovation of the audience, Which will allow to feel the unique atmosphere of 9. Lublin Jazz Festival. The exhibition will be present from the beginning of the Festival on 21 April until the final on 30 April.
Listeners will support Radoslaw I. Bułtowicz -.visual artist, animator, a longtime lecturer in Lublin School of Art and Design, leading “Art Photography” specialty classes.