Milianalia – musical presentation dedicated to the artistic work of Jerzy Milian by Wojtek Czern

December 7, 2013, after 22:00, the Fifth Lublin Jazz Festival invite you to take part in musical presentation dedicated to Jerzy Milian /made by Wojtek Czern. 100% Vinyls.

Wojtek “Wojcek” Czern – Musician and sound engineer, creator of the legendary band Za Siódmą Górą. Owner of the Rogalów Analog studio. In 1993 he founded his label OBUH records. Collector of analog equipment, with which  equips his studio for years. Today Rogalów is unique analog studio in Europe, where Lao Che produced their cult album “Powstanie Warszawskie”.Wojtek Czern is also the man who in modern times dug up and delivered in analog form previously unpublished recordings of Jerzy Milian – vibraphonist, composer, one of the most distinctive artists in the history of Polish jazz. The actions of the owner OBUH records contributed to the renewed interest in the music of Jerzy Milian, not only in the country but in the world. For samples of the Polish jazz musician,reached for modern artists among the others, OSTR, Miuosh, Afront, Pretty Lights, Jazzanova, Astrological etc.

It is useless to look for a person who better than Wojtek Czern would present the person and work of Jerzy Milian, therefore, a special day on December 7, after the concerts Maseli Bernard Project – Tribute to Jerzy Milian, and Jazzanova Live feat Paul Randolph, enjoy a musical presentation by Wojtek Czern . Interesting facts and stories from the life of Polish jazz musician, topped with exceptional tributes of Wojtek Czern and great music of “The Godfather of european groove” as used to say english-Jerzy Milian. 100% Analog !

07.12.2013 r. / godz. 22:00 / Szklarnia (caffe/bookstore) Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, Peowiaków 12