Market of the jazz Collectors/ V Lublin Jazz Festival

There are many jazz connoisseurs who from time to time want to share with experiences , exchange music , or emotions connected with it .

07.12.2013 r, will be the occasion todo that . Market o the jazz Collectors is an open musical space for all who wish to join to it , especially for collectors of vinyl records , jazz fans , music lovers. In a place where the record player , comfortable sofas, and aromatic coffee are situated. The guests , who will present a selection of jazz vinyls using turntables , will talk about the music. Perhaps some of you would like to enlarge your discography, replace or get rid of some discs that are no longer listened. Take what you have, in the worst case you will spend musically nice Saturday afternoon.

07.12.2013 r / h . 15:00-20:00 / “Szklarnia” (“Greenhouse”) cafe / bookstore , Centre of Culture in Lublin , Peowiaków 12