Irek Wojtczak ‘Folk Five’ at 8 Lublin Jazz Festival

“Folk Five” by Irek Wojtczak is an example of the fusion of improvised music and Polish folk. The album is distinguished by a careful, conscious choice undertaken of topics, making Poland traditional music is well embedded in the new, modern development. Music was recognized by the leading American critics magazine All About Jazz and The New York City Jazz Record such as: Karl Ackermann, C. Michael Bailey, Budd Kopman or Ken Waxman. The song from the Irek’s Wojtczak album ‘Folk Five’ appeared in sampler attached to British music magazine Wire (November 2015).

Irek Wojtczak – saxophones, bass clarinet
Tomasz Dabrowski – trumpet
Piotr Mania – piano
Adam Żuchowski – bass
Jan Młynarski – drums