New Constellation feat. Michał Urbaniak

3 May 2016. at 20.00 in the  Polish Radio 3 concert of  New Constellation feat. Michal Urbaniak will be retransmitted, whose premiere took place at the Cultural Center in Lublin 17.04.2016 years during the 8th Lublin Jazz Festival.
The inspiration was the album “Constellation: In Concert” from 1973 by Michal Urbaniak. This music belongs to the canonical series of Polish Jazz and represents a milestone of Polish improvised music. To present his vision of music from this album took on a band whose leaders were Adam Bałdych and Piotr Orzechowski. They were accompanied by Alan Wykpisz, Paweł Dobrowolski, Mateusz Śliwa and Marek Kądziela. The band was named NEW CONSTELLATION. A guest appearance by the leader of the original Constellation – Michal Urbaniak!

Special project “New Constellation” is a production of 8. Lublin Jazz Festival.