V Lublin Jazz Festival / Diazpora (D)

The last concert of the second day of V Lublin Jazz Festival, but not concert-lullaby, it will rock you. Diazpora’s back, this time in a warm and cozy environment of Festival Club. You can listen, sing, dance, stomp, clap, anything, this is the Jazz Festival!

Diazpora (D)

Chris Hinrichsen – keys

David Nesselhauf – double bass

Hans Christian Stephan – trumpet

Joni Krause – baritone saxophone

Kimo Eiserbeck – alto saxophone

Legbo – guitars

Lucas Kochbeck – drums

Thomas Neitzel – percussion instruments

10 years is a mighty long time in the music industry, but itseems Diazpora, the groove collective hailing

from Hamburg, Germany, is just getting started.

Starting inauspiciously in 2002, followed by the release of the five-track EP “Urban” in 2003, Diazpora

have since grown a steady following of fellow funk addicts overwhelmed by the band’s sheer energy.

Inspired by urban life and culture in all its guises – sex, noise, aesthetics, grittiness, serenity – the band

seamlessly fuses funkadelicious grooves, saucy bass lines, tight horns, dirty guitar, screaming Hammond

and luscious Rhodes into a ‘no-school’ funk sound that is impossible to resist.

Led by an ultra tight three-piece horn section, the band has carved a reputation as a formidable live funky jazzy

band with a string of festival and club dates around Germany and abroad.

Attention! In the night – 6 December 2013, after Diazpora’s show, we invite You again to the Festival Club, where You’ll hear Dj Himself (D), a member of the Flying Funk Circus (Vienna / Hamburg). Author of many rousing music sets inspired by the music of jazz funk, nujazz, funk, soul, afrobeat, hip-hop. One of his slogans says: “Get up, get into it, get Involved!”

Here is one of his most recent sets:

Entrance to the Festival Club is free, available through the “Szklarnia”. (Centre for Culture in Lublin, ul. Peowiaków 12)

06.12.2013 22:00
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, ul. Peowiaków 12 (Centre of Culture in Lublin)
free entrance
Ticket office opening hours
10:00-19:00 monday-friday / tel. 81 4666140