V Lublin Jazz Festival / Bernard Maseli – Tribute to Jerzy Milian (PL)

7 December  is another special day in the V Lublin Jazz Festival. A tribute to the Polish school of jazz, and the amazing combination of talents and styles. This unique concert day will begin with the project:

Tribute to Jerzy Milian (PL)

Bernard Maseli – vibraphone, marimba

Karol Szymanowski – vibraphone

Ireneusz Głyk – vibraphone, marimba

Dominik Bukowski – vibraphone

Marcin Jahr – drums

Paweł Tomaszewski – piano

Michał Barański – double bass

The idea of ​​a modern musical project inspired by the work of Jerzy Milian, arose independently in several places (including on the occasion of V Lublin Jazz Festival), which certifies how influential is the artist.

Bernard Maseli is one of the leading Polish vibraphonists; author of 70 discs. For over 24 years is on the lead of the poll’s top musicians magazine “Jazz Forum” for vibraphone. It is also the spiritual father of the project, which he called, Tribute to Jerzy Milian ‘”-the first in the history of Polish jazz meeting – meeting of four vibraphonists, a tribute to Jerzy Milian. The premiere concert took place in Łódź during the VI Summer Jazz Academy in Europe.

Jerzy Milian – composer, vibraphonist, pianist and arranger, one of the most original characters of the Polish jazz scene since the late 50’ to today. The precursor of the Polish school of jazz, which is one of the most sought after artists of Polish jazz lovers in Europe. Recordings of Jerzy Milian, after two decades of silence were rediscovered  by a younger generation of musicians associated with modern dance, club music, and samples of his songs have appeared on numerous albums with contemporary electronic music on all over the world. Some of the UK fans in the 70’s called him the european godfather of groove.

07.12.2013 18:00
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, ul. Peowiaków 12 (Centre of Culture in Lublin)
whole day ticket - 90 pln seats, 70 pln standing / tickets for entire festival - 160 pln
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