V Lublin Jazz Festival / Ballrogg (NOR/SWE)

The last concert of the V Lublin Jazz Festival. Last chance in this year to collectively live jazz emotions. Visit the Festival Club, where  a trio of north will play.

Ballrogg (NOR/SWE)

Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (alto saxophones, clarinet, electronics and field recordings)

Roger Arntzen (double bass)

David Stäckenäs (guitar)

Ballrogg is the Scandinavian trio:

Ellerhusen Klaus Holm (saxophone, clarinet, electronics and field recordings)

Roger Arntzen (bass), and this time David Stäckenäs (excellent Swedish guitarist).

Ballrogg is expanding their already almost cinematic sound universe into an even bigger texture of vibrant and sustained world of electric and acoustic strings, sax, clarinet and double bass.

08.12.2013 21:30
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, ul. Peowiaków 12 (Centre of Culture in Lublin)
free entrance