Skubas / CPZ

An artist who created one of the most beautiful Polish love songs about… lack of love.
In his work, he travels deeply into human experiences. Without unnecessary embellishments, it touches upon topics in which each listener can find a part of himself. All this is accompanied by sometimes sensitive and delicate, sometimes dark, dirty, almost grunge compositions. Once known mainly on the club scene, he made himself known to a wider audience thanks to his original album “Wilczełyko”, released in 2012. On his second album – “Brzask” he presented himself as a complete artist.
“Glass Months” was the first song announcing the artist’s third album.
On October 23, 2020, the premiere of Skubas’s new album entitled “Spirit”. During the Lublin concert in Wirydarz, the artist will present songs from this publishing house and numerous previous hits.

12.08.2021 20:00
Wirydarz Centrum Kultury w Lublinie
40 zł reduced
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50 zł regular
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czynna od poniedziałku do piątku w godzinach 14.00-18.00 oraz przed każdym biletowanym wydarzeniem tel. 81 466 61 40