“Place items door shapes” is the first single from the new album of Marek Dyjak – First Snow (pol. “Pierwszy Śnieg”)
Author and composer of the song is Robert Kasprzycki. The combination of his poetry and music with characteristic hoarseness and charisma of Dyjak’s give penetrating effect. The theme of the song is recognizable in Dyjak’s music accordion and trumpet, playing a marching tune, reminiscent of the “Golden Fish” from the album “My Fado”.

This is the promise of the Dyjak’s return to his roots, to the beautiful poetry, important lyrics and music, in one and only right for him molar tone.
On the album “First Snow” You can find lyrics of such artists like Mirosław Czyżykiewicz, Jan Kondrak, Jacek Musiatowicz and the aforementioned Robert Kasprzycki, which may be a direct reference to recent events in his life. Musical form of an accordion (Marek Tarnowski), trumpet (Jerzy Malek), bass (Michal Jaros), piano (Gregory Jablonski), drums (Matthew Modrzejewski), gave him a wide field to interpretation, which for years is a characteristic feature of his work .
Producer and arranger of the album is longtime Dyjak’s trumpeter and recognised musician – Jerzy Malek.

04.03.2017 19:00
Performance Hall of Centre for Culture in Lublin (Sala Widowiskowa Centrum Kultury w Lublinie)
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