Lublin Night Impro

Created for the needs of the moment, the quartet will perform a sound composition in the convention of an unpredictable story. The combination of acoustic, classical and ethnic instruments with electronics will create a unique sound space, thanks to which listeners will feel an integral part of improvised music.
The whole will be accompanied by a picture that gives a sense of coherence, while helping you lose yourself in the silence of the evening.

The Bogdanowicz-Byrski collective exists for two years. Artists often invite guests to their sound world. This will also take place this time when they will be accompanied by musicians on the stage, known among others from the MUMIO cabaret.

Dariusz Basiński – keyboards

Mariusz Bogdanowicz – double bass

Bogusław Byrski – electronics

Tomasz T.ETNO Drozdek – ethnic instruments

13.12.2019 23:00
Underground of Centre for Culture in Lublin
20 zł
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