Lonker See – Hamza / (premiere of new album)

Lonker See is a Tri-City quartet that first met in a recording studio in 2016. The result of this meeting is the band’s first album titled “Split Image” released by MITW. Already on the first album you can see what is most important for Lonker See – the sound and style of play that arises at the interface of the four musical personalities included in the LS. Joanna Kucharska (Bass, vocals), Bartosz Boro Borowski (Guitars) Michał Gos (Percussion) and Tomasz Gadecki (Saxophones) together create spatial music that intrigues, hypnotizes and engages the listener in a wide spectrum of musical genres. You can hear space rock, psychedelic music, jazz, free jazz and ambient. Long forms full of improvised elements are interwoven with very specific melodies and strong grooves, and the tension is built by skilful handling of dynamics and emotions. In 2018, Instant Classic released the album ‘One Eye Sees Red’, which was very well received in the country and in the world, which initiated interest in the band abroad. LS played very well received concerts in Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands, both on festival and on local stages. Currently the band is promoting their latest album “Hamza” released on 7/02/2020 for Antena Krzyku.

09.02.2020 19:00
Underground of Centre for Culture in Lublin
25 zł - presale
35 zł - day of the concert
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