Electro-Acoustic indie-pop from Ukraine – Zapaska in Lublin

Zapaska is electro-acoustic duo from Ukraine playing indie-pop . Ianina Shpachynska and Pavlo Nechytajlo create music using traditional instruments and electronics. In their songs, you can hear the influences of rock and hip-hop, however, with the backbone of the Ukrainian traditional melodies. 

Outside of Ukraine, on their account have three European tours (including one with the Slovak duo Longital) and performances at many festivals Pohoda kryty Camping 2011 (SK), Europejski Stadion Kultury (PL), Art Polak (UA), Tramtamtydamtuda (CZ), Festiválek Bez bojů Walek (CZ), Povalec 2011 (CZ), Spievajúci básnici (SK), Noc Kultury w Lublinie 2012 (PL), Stany Wyspy Praha 2012 (CZ), Bažant Pohoda 2012.
The team is constantly experimenting with music, enriching its sound. Live performances by the duo often surprising and are filled with incredible energy. Despite all these changes, their music loses none of its spontaneity and authenticity.

14.03.2014 21:30
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, ul. Peowiaków 12 (Centre for Culture in Lublin)
free tickets
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