ALAMEDA 5 – EURODROME (premiere of new album)

ALAMEDA 5 is a quintet founded in 2014 by Jakub Ziołek (Old River, Innercity Ensemble, Kapital), Mikołaj Zieliński (T’ien Lai, Javva), Łukasz Jędrzejczak (T’ien Lai, Javva, Duży Jack), Jacek Buhl (Jachn / Mazurkiewicz / Buhl, Rdza) and Rafał Iwański (HATI, Innercity Ensemble, Kapital). ALAMEDA 5 is the result of musical searches centered around trance, progressive electronics of the ’70s and more extreme and non-normative varieties of jazz and improvised music. Their culmination was the debut album “Duch tornada” (2015, Instant Classic), which received many enthusiastic reviews, and according to journalists Noise Magazine was hailed as the second best Polish album of 2001-2016. Since then, the group’s music has evolved towards further exploration of African and Latin American rhythms, early fusion inspiration in the spirit of Miles Davis, post-punk and post-minimalism. The result is the second quintet album entitled “Eurodrome” released in 2019 on CD and vinyl by Instant Classic. ALAMEDA 5 played dozens of concerts, meeting an enthusiastic reception from the audience.


Jacek Buhl – drums, percussion instruments
Rafał Iwański – darabukka, djembe, congos, percussion instruments
Łukasz Jędrzejczak – electronics, vocal
Piotr Michalski – bass guitar
Jakub Ziołek – guitar, electronics, vocal