9. Lublin Jazz Festival / (Premiere!) Jazz in the City: Michael “Manu” Balog (UA)

Special solo performance for Lublin Jazz Festival of well known Ukrainian saxophonist and experimental musician – Michael “Manu” Balog. Manu has always been able to tap the deepest of emotions in the subtlest of ways, creating overarching narratives that go far beyond mere collections of discrete pieces. With reference points ranging from Jon Hassell to Brian Eno’s ambient works and the neo-classical, Balog uses sound as much as melody to create a series of tone poems where virtuosity is irrelevant and the vast, resonant potential of texture is paramount. A beauty steeped in melancholy pervades the set, even when there’s a clear rhythm.The textural breadth and experimental nature of HYMN being a curious confluence of layered and processed saxophones, live sampling and synthesized colors—is most remarkable for its ability, at times, to approach silence while still being filled with sound.

Michael Balog – saxophones and live electronics

29.04.2017 20:00
The Greek Catholic Church of the Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary in Lublin / Warszawska 82
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