8 Lublin Jazz Festival / Exhibition of photographs by Maciej Nowak “Jazz in big city. Photographing New York” / meeting with the author

The exhibition will be works that were created during several visits to the author in New York. The pictures show both professional jazz musicians and buskers. The musicians are portrayed in the famous New York clubs, but the author also tracking jazz performers on the New York subway stations and streets. Photographs are trying to grasp because at the same time the magic of jazz and the music of the city.

Maciej Nowak – literary historian, editor, literary critic and music lover of jazz and photography. Author of dozens of reviews recordings, reports from concerts and interviews with musicians. His photos published in the magazine “Jazz Forum” and the portal Diapazon.pl. Photos of Paris and the French countryside you can see in the movies available on the website of the Museum of Literature. Researcher at the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II.

22.04.2016 18:00
Centre of Culture in Lublin / ul. Peowiaków 12 / Level -1 / Underground of Centre for Culture
free admission