7 Lublin Jazz Festival / Tingvall Trio (SE/CU/DE)

Over the last two years the Tingvall Trio has played itself straight to the top of European Jazz ensembles, groups with no fear of presenting Jazz while making contact with the tools of Pop music. The result is that the Tingvall Trio is winning over a completely new listening audience for Jazz. Having grown beyond the Jazz scene in Hamburg with “Skagerrak”, their debut in 2006, the follow-up album in 2007, “Norr”, allowed them to reach for the stars in Germany. The international breakthrough came at last with “Vattensaga” in 2009, and now with “Vägen” they are one of the top jazz acts in Europe. During the last years Tingvall Trio delighted the crowds at renowned festivals and clubs.

Martin Tingvall -piano, composition

Omar Rodriguez Calvo – double bass

Jürgen Spiegel – drums

Compared many a time with the legendary E.S.T. due to the exuberant energy and clarity of their music, first and foremost it’s the breathtaking ensemble work with which pianist Martin Tingvall sets off time and again on rollercoaster rides between poetry and party together with the unstoppable rhythm section comprised of bass player Omar Rodriguez Calvo and drummer Jürgen Spiegel. “With the well-oiled Formula One engine of a Ferrari” (Finance Week, South Africa), Martin Tingvall continues to be responsible for all of the trio’s compositions. Melodies so beautiful that they would be hard to trust if they weren’t so disarmingly authentic alternate with eruptive flashes of energy in which Jazz and Rock are cheerily blended. Unlike E.S.T., the distinctive factor is that TT makes exclusive use of acoustic means to create an unmistakeable sound all their own. Music by the Tingvall Trio generates images almost instantaneously, regardless of whether it’s Scandinavian landscapes shrouded in fog, waves crashing in the surf or lifelike character studies.

26.04.2015 19:30
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, ul. Peowiaków 12 (Centre for Culture in Lublin)
1-day ticket for two concerts (numbered seats) - 70 zł normal / 50 zł reduced
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