7 Lublin Jazz Festival / Jazz in the city – Jacek Mazurkiewicz “3Fonia-Chosen Poems”

Let’s all feel “Jazz in the City”. On the occasion of the 7th edition of Lublin Jazz Festival, we have prepared a series of musical events in different places of Lublin. The festival  wish to draw attention to the individual work of the Polish jazz musicians who are constantly experimenting with the instrument and sound.

Jacek Mazurkiewicz is interested in a wide range of music.

“I’m inspired by people, situations, places, colours, scents and by other things related to my life. Lots of melodies and musical structures pass through in my mind quite quickly… Some pieces are inspired by sounds of a city; others are connected with places and people.”

He composes his sounds into pieces on the basis of emotional experience and an instinctual pulse.

Mazurkiewicz enjoys combining acoustic and electronic music, always searching for a new sound.
He mainly creates autonomous projects (3FoNIA, Modular String Trio, Inner Ear Massage Parlour, BANTAMBA, PoliFolklorek Winylu).
In his spare time he contemplates tonal-vibratory musical therapy, working on original instruments for rehabilitation purposes.

He has worked and been involved with many different types of sound actions with artists such as: Daniel Levin, Rob Brown, Michael Zerang, Giridhar Udupa, Miya Masaoka, Mikolaj Trzaska, Patryk Zakrocki, Waclaw Zimpel, Stanislaw Soyka, Jerzy Mazzoll, Ray Dickaty, Andrew Drury, Marek Kadziela, PULSARUS, Tomasz Dabrowski, Jacek “Budyn” Szymkiewicz, POGODNO, Am-Sveerg, Słoma, Arszyn, Joanna Duda, TR Warsaw and others.

3Fonia-Choden Poems” – musical project, where the main source of sound is bass – natural or formulated.
This project shows the possibilities arising from the comprehensive use of “classical” instrument, wherein by special techniques is completely rearranged to the needs of contemporary music. All instrument, preparations are made at both acoustic and electronic equipment. During the concert, you can expect 3FoNIA composition and improvised works close to the contemporary chamber music, ambient, musique concrete, experiment avant-garde. It is also certain that the bass will not be used in accordance with its original purpose.

20.04.2015 19:00
Galeria Piękno Panie ul.Jezuicka 17
free tickets available at Centre for Culture in Lublin / Peowiaków 12
Ticket office opening hours
10.00-19.00 monday-friday / tel. 81 4666140 and 1 hour before the show