7 Lublin Jazz Festival / Free the dance

Free the Dance cycle was initiated by Małgorzata Haduch & Unfinished Company. This is a series of performances with the participation of musicians and dancers-improvisers, meeting of exceptional personalities and experienced improvisers on stage, as well as offering combining music and dance environments, breaking divisive forms and “liberating” contemporary dance from many stereotypes. Constantly drawing inspiration from the free jazz music and the idea of DIY, Free The Dance became a manifesto full of passion for creating new experiences for both artists and audiences.

Free the dance: Wiktor Krzak – electric bassoon (contrabassoon) / Paweł Konior – dance

Wiktor Krzak graduated from the Academy of Music in Krakow, where he is currently doing the Ph.D. degree.
Contrabassoonist of Beethoven Academy Orchestra, member of Multiplayer Ensemble, he has also cooperated with several orchestras in Poland and abroad.
Apart from classical repertoire, within the scope of his interests are performing and composing of electronic music, free improvisation and various kinds of musical experimentation.
He participated in several artistic projects, such as:
– TMA-Explorers ensemble (with C.Minkus, A.Pierończyk, J.Skrzek, M.Oleś, M.Chołoniewski, J.Pilch, M.Gorczyca, S.Rutkowski);
– European Workshop for Contemporary Music during the Warsaw Autumn Festival and Internationale Ferienkursefür Neue Musik, Darmstadt;
– Free The Dance project by Małgorzata Haduch with Maria Mavridou, Paweł Konior and other dancers;
– Cracow Improvisers Orchestra;
– Conduction with Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris during Ad Libitum festival in Warsaw
– Odyssey Orchestra performances of graphic scores by Anestis Logothetis, lead by Adam Kaczyński.
Exploring the possibilities of the contemporary bassoon, he performs free improvised music with instrumentalists including Paulina Owczarek (RadioActive Duo), Michał Dymny, Patryk Zakrocki, Piotr Żyła, Philip Palmer, Barbara Meyer, Wojciech Kozłowski and Martin Kulka (KT66).
As Uncharted Territory Trio (with Paulina Owczarek and Tome Chołoniewski) he performed during Hurta Cordel festival in Barcelona and recorded for Discordian Records.
Having acquired knowledge in the field of electronics (studies at the University of Science and Technology), he designs and builds stage and audio equipment, as well as electron instruments (electro-bassoon, delay loops) based on vintage circuits.
He is particularly fascinated with vacuum tubes and analogue processing.

25.04.2015 17:00
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie / ul. Peowiaków 12 / Sala Czarna
free admission