13. Lublin Jazz Festival | Simsa Fünf (AT)

A band founded by Sebastian Simsa, a Viennese drummer and composer. The musical roots of the quintet go back to jazz, improvised, classical, film music and folk music. Young and talented musicians, educated according to academic standards, do not allow themselves to take away the joy of playing non-classical string instruments. The originality of this group is determined by the extraordinary instruments and the wealth of stylistic references, or unusual sound. In addition, they are also distinguished by creativity, which manifests itself in intriguing compositions of the drummer. The concert is organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw.

Andrej Prozorov – soprano sax / Florian Sighartner – violin / Carles Muñoz Camarero – cello / Heimo Trixner – guitar / Sebastian Simsa – drums

17.07.2022 20:30
"Wirydarz" - Patio of Centre for Culture in Lublin | Peowiaków 12
all-day ticket: regular PLN 90 / reduced PLN 70
Simsa Fünf ticket: PLN 40 normal / PLN 30 reduced
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