13. Lublin Jazz Festival | Lublin premieres: Ronnie N (PL)

A band of three good friends who like punk, disco and impro jazz. Tadek, Paweł and Jacek collaborated on various projects and bands, playing concerts together and recording albums, such as “DCMS” or “Micronutrients”. Ronnie N plays his own and other people’s songs, but it is impossible to predict what will happen on stage during his performance. It can be loud and intense, it can be quiet and subtle, but it is certainly interesting.

Tadeusz Cieślak – tenor sax, flute / Jacek Steinbrich – double bass, bass guitar, keys / Paweł “Sindi” Stryczniewicz – drums

12.07.2022 20:00
"Wirydarz" - Patio of Centre for Culture in Lublin | Peowiaków 12
free admission