13. Lublin Jazz Festival | Final of the JAZZiNSPIRATIONS competition

The goals of the Competition are to promote valuable music projects and musicians who are inspired in their work by jazz, as well as to enable them to release their debut album.

By the decision of the organizers, the following teams were qualified for further live presentations (alphabetically):
– Space
– Michał Schab Quartet
– superminimalism

19:00 finalist of the “JAZZiNSPIRACJE” competition
20:00 finalist of the “JAZZiNSPIRACJE” competition
21:00 finalist of the “JAZZiNSPIRACJE” competition

13.07.2022 19:00
"Wirydarz" - Patio of Centre for Culture in Lublin | Peowiaków 12
free admission