13. Lublin Jazz Festival | DZ’OB (UA)

The most eclectic band in this year’s lineup of the Festival. DZ’OB is an electro-acoustic ensemble from the Dnipro in Ukraine, which tries to combine the tradition of classical music with modern electronics. DZ’OB synthesizes genres such as classic, jazz, IDM, techno or dubstep, creating a unique sound. Ensemble begins by reinventing the works of the most eccentric electronic composers, such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, and mixing them with Shostakovich and Haydn. Currently, the repertoire of the ensemble includes works composed by its members and in collaboration with modern composers. In the Ukrainian media, DZ’OB is often equated with “the undisputed leader of the local avant-garde scene”. Their recognizable sound, which the band describes as “electroacoustic IDM”, is unique not only on the Ukrainian but also European scene. In just a few years, DZ’OB played at many of the largest Ukrainian festivals, such as Koktebel Jazz Festival and Hedonism Festival, Plan B, Am I Jazz and Respublica FEST, Jazz nad Dnieprem, or Docudays.

Oleksii Badin –  cello / Vasyl Starshynov – oboe / Andrii Yarovyi – drums / Iryna Li – violin / Oleksii Starshynov – bassoon

15.07.2022 20:30
"Wirydarz" - Patio Centre for Culture in Lublin | Peowiaków 12
all-day ticket: regular PLN 90 / reduced PLN 70
DZ'OB ticket: PLN 50 normal / PLN 40 reduced
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