13. Lublin Jazz Festival | Aga Gruczek Trio (PL) – premiere of the album “Awakening”

The trio is the winner of the Grand Prix of the JAZZiNSPIRACJE competition as part of the 12th Lublin Jazz Festival, which resulted in the release of the band’s first album entitled Awakening. The music of the group is mostly based on the original compositions of the leader – Aga Gruczek – a pianist, keyboardist, graduate of the J. Henryk Majewski in Warsaw in the class of Andrzej Jagodziński. The artist is currently graduating from the Jazz and Stage Music Department of the Academy of Music. G. and K. Bacewicz in Łódź, in the class of Witold Janiak. In addition, Aga Gruczek is a rector’s scholarship holder and a finalist of national competitions, and performs in Poland and abroad in various projects. In addition to the trio, he also co-creates the Magda Ruty band, and often collaborates with vocalists. Her pianism can be described as the result of classical background and inspiration with melodic Scandinavian jazz and pop.

Aga Gruczek – piano / Michał Aftyka – double bass / Kacper Majewski – drums

14.07.2022 19:00
"Wirydarz" - Patio of Centre for Culture in Lublin | Peowiaków 12
free admission