11. Lublin Jazz Festival | Polish Jazz Requiem (PL) | Premiere !

Marcin Oleś: “The inspiration for the creation of the Polish Jazz Requiem project was one of the most significant Polish jazz albums by Tomasz Stańko and his quintet titled “MUSIC FOR K”. The album itself, recorded a few months after the death of Komeda, to whom it was dedicated, was at the same time a tribute and expression of anger and discord after the death of a mentor, friend and great artist. Komeda found the same mentor for himself by writing a few years earlier, perhaps his own magnum opus after the death of the great John Coltrane entitled “NIGHTTIME, DAYTIME REQUIEM”. Many years later, the trumpeter Andrzej Przybielski composed his requiem “EPITAFIUM FOR JACEK” after the death of the double bass player Jacek Bednarek. Each of the works mentioned here is a completely different sound world, a completely different narration and a different weight, saying the same about the creator as about his approach to musical matter. Polish jazz musicians. Where do they come from? Who was the greatest inspiration for them? What remained after these inspirations and whether they managed to tell about them?”

Marcin Oleś – double bass

Bartłomiej Oleś – drums

Irek Wojtczak – saxes

Wojciech Jachna – trumpet

Bartłomiej Prucnal – alto sax

27.04.2019 18:30
Main Stage of Centre for Culture in Lublin / Peowiaków 12
80 zł ticket for two concerts (numbered seats)
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