“Winobranie” at 7 Lublin Jazz Festival

The album “Winobranie” (1973). Is the fourth in the discography of Zbigniew Namysłowski, it became a super hit and has been recognized as CD of all-time in Polish jazz. That is why, during the seventh edition of the Lublin Jazz Festival we want to rediscover and bring it to all listeners. During the Festival, Various other artists (from Poland and abroad) will be including in their repertoire compositions inspired by selection of music from the album “Winobranie” – Zbigniew Namysłowski Quintet. Among them will be the Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions feat. Mika Urbaniak, The Apples, David Helbock Random / Control, Envee, Papa Zura & Markey Funky, Free The Dance. The culmination will be a concert by Jazzpospolita (“JazzPo Winobraniu”). The band took on their workshop the whole album and they will present it in their own unique way.