Exhibition: Projects of covers for musical labels – by Marek Wajda.

The first day of V Lublin Jazz Festival, is also the first day of the exhibition: project of covers for musical labels by Marek Wajda.

Marek Wajda –  born in 1956. Graphic designer, freelancer. Studied in Cracow at Academy of Fine Arts/Jagiellonian University and the  Academy of Fine Arts at Warsaw Academy, student of prof. Henryk Tomaszewski.

Over the 25 years completed a number of projects: magazines, newspapers, books, albums, calendars, posters,  advertising and promotional publications, signs and logos, all publishers commercial work.

Winner of various awards, among the others,  the Warsaw competition “Vidical”. In addition to his professional work was always interested in music and has held photography.

,,Szklarnia ” (cafe / bookstore) – 05.12.2013