We are pleased to announce that by the decision of the Jury board composed of Aleksander Kutrzepa, Maciej Karłowski, Adam Szczepanek and Arkadiusz Kaźmierak, the distinction awarad and the main prize were awarded in the JAZZiNSPIRACJE 2022 competition.

The main prize in the JAZZiNSPIRACJE competition as part of the 13th Lublin Jazz Festival, for the
freshness and maturity in creating themes, a sense of composition, a coherent and thoughtful music program, which bodes well for the first release, went to the music group: superminimalism

As part of the award, the band will release their debut album, the premiere of which is scheduled for July 13, 2023 as part of the Lublin Jazz Festival

However, a distinction for inspiring stage energy, juggling with conventions, and the lively reaction of the audience
goes to the music group: Kosmos

There were three music groups in this year’s final of the JAZZiNSPIRACJE competition:

superminimalism composed of:
Stefan Raczkowski – drums
Marcin Elszkowski – trumpet
Robert Wypasek – tenor saxophone
Jakub Łępa – tenor saxophone
Michał Aftyka – double bass

Kosmos composed of:
Iwo Tylman – tenor saxophone
Jan Ostalski – trumpet
Stanisław Szmigiero – keyboards
Ziemowit Miszczobrocki – bass / double bass
Jan Wesołek – drums

and the Michał Schab Quartet consisting of:
Błażej Ludwiczuk – guitar
Michał Rutkowski – double bass
Kacper Kazimierski – drums
Michał Schab – violin

The aim of the competition is to promote valuable music projects and young musicians who are inspired in their work by jazz, as well as to enable them to release their debut album.